How early do I have to book?

As soon as possible, it all comes down to the availability of equipment. If you are unsure of your numbers, we recommend booking in a “best guess” to ensure you don’t miss out.

My RSVPs have changed! Can I change my order?

Reductions to your order must be made minimum 48 hours in advance or the full amount of the hire may be charged. Any payments that have been made are deposits and cannot be refunded. Additions to your order are welcome as long as the equipment is available.

Do I have to clean the equipment before it goes back?

All equipment must be rinsed free of food and refuse or an additional cleaning fee will be charged to your credit card. We will re-wash all equipment to meet our strict quality and hygiene standards.  

What if I break something?

Breakages and lost items will be charged to your credit card for their current day purchase price.

What if something is damaged when I get it?

You must notify us immediately by telephone or in person if you have received something that is broken, stained, faulty, missing or otherwise damaged and we will do our best to rectify the situation.
Failure to notify us in a reasonable amount of time and you may be charged for that item

Collection from the Showroom

When can I pick up my order?

Orders must be collected after 10am and dropped back before 10am the following day. All prices quoted are for an overnight hire only. Longer hire periods are negotiated on a per order basis.

But you are closed Sunday! Will I be charged extra?

No, Sunday and public holidays are not counted to the overnight hire charge. 
If your event is on a Saturday, usual practice is for the goods to be collected Saturday and returned Monday at the normal 1 day rate.

I am decorating my own wedding and I need longer to set up than just the morning!

That’s ok! We understand that special events like weddings demand extra time, please call our friendly team who will be happy to discuss options.


How much is delivery?

Delivery is calculated on a per order basis and is dependent on many factors such as distance, accessibility and scheduling. Please place your order as usual and one of our team will get back to you with a quote. 

Do I have to be there when it’s delivered and picked up?

Yes, you must be onsite to sign for the equipment. Once you have signed for the equipment it is your responsibility to ensure its security until it is collected again.


How much is a marquee?

We can cater a marquee to suit almost any budget. There are a few factors to consider though before we are able to quote. Please fill in the marquee enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How big are your marquees?

Our smallest marquee is 3mx3m and some of our largest marquees can be 20m wide and 100m long! Our consultants are trained to find the right marquee for your event. Please fill in the marquee enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Can I put the marquee up myself?

We provide a range of pop up marquees that you are more than welcome to erect yourself. These marquees are modular and can be joined together to make a larger tent. 
All of our pagodas and pavilions must be delivered and erected by our staff.

Event Setup and Design

Can you set up my event?

We sure can. Our design team are able to come in and set up your space. This requires a special quote. Please call us on (07) 4772 6611 to arrange a meeting.

I’d like you to design my event, where do we start?

We would love to see you. The first consultation with our design team is completely obligation free. Please call us on (07) 4772 6611 to arrange a meeting.

Payment & Invoicing

Can you send me an invoice?

Payment must be received before delivery or on collection unless you have a previously approved account. Generally we do not invoice your order until collection or dispatch to allow all opportunity for last minute changes.
We can send an invoice early, however once payment is made the order is locked and cannot be altered. Additions to your order once payment has been made will be invoiced separately.

When do I have to pay?

Payment must be made before or on collection or before dispatch of the equipment